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Apps – Exclusively for the Jewelry Trade​
Platinum Pro $39 month ​
Gold Pro $29 month​
Diamond Auction Sale (Spot Market) Price Calculator 
Diamond Spot Market Pricing with Overall Market Sales Reports in Real Time
Diamond Wholesale Pice Calculator
Diamond Wholesale Pricing with Overall Market Reports in Real Time
Discounted subscriptions to 3rd party diamond wholesale platforms
Discounted Subscription to Third Party Diamond Wholesale Platforms
You Accepting Trade-ins – All the Help we Can Give You
Instant Online Diamond Insurance Valuations in Writing Showcasing Your branding
Spot Market Index (DSX) – tracking the price of the Diamond Standard Over ten years
Zero Trade Seller’s Fees to Consign and Sell at our Auctions
Cash Advance for Your Auction Consignments of up to 50% of Pre-auction Estimate
Search Sales Results for all Jewelry Over Ten Years at Major Global Auction Houses
Search all Jewelry Coming up at Future Auctions Worldwide
Trade Finance (Coming Soon)
Trade Community Chat Room


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